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“I don’t like to shop. I don't get the endorphin rush most women do and before Kristie, my wardrobe was more functional than stylish. Kristie changed all that. She’s the total package.

Imaging having someone go through your closet, organize your wardrobe, help you discover your style, re-energize your wardrobe through pairings you’d never thought of, find your color, consider trends, create a current wardrobe list as well as a shopping list and next steps. Did I say “Teach you to shop?” Kristie makes the overwhelming task of shopping actually easier and dare I say “FUN?”

I still don’t get the endorphins, but with Kristie’s help and guidance and remarkable Flair, it’s not as burdensome as it once was. It is money well spent as Kristie helps me spend wisely on pieces that last.

I couldn’t do it without her. She’s wonderfully talented and an absolute delight to be with.”

Janet Montgomery

Chief Marketing Officer

Multiple Flair Service User

Flair : Let Us find Your Signature Style



Make Them Stare with Great Outfits To Wear!

I’m one of those people who ALWAYS finds something to buy while shopping. Even if I am looking for a hunting gift for a male twice my age, there will be something I cannot live without at the Seed and Supply store (yes that truly is a type of shop). Speaking of, did you know jewelry is sold at gun shows? Who knew!  


Packing For Two Weeks of Work (Packing Part 3):

Did you just find out you need to leave next week for a business trip that requires business appropriate clothing? Are you looking for a simple solution to maximize your clothing options, but fit them all in a rolling suitcase and tote bag? Flair created two distinct weeks of work clothes for you to pack using only twelve items. By using two solid color suits: one three-piece black suit and a tan pantsuit, the tops are able to be statement pieces with brighter colors and prints. A two-piece sweater set in a complementary color to the suits and the blouses allows for much mixing and matching, while still looking business appropriate. You can also consider a sweater set where one layer is solid and the other is in a print, as long as the colors work with the rest of what you are packing. Flair’s mantra: Always pack one black and one white top. In this scenario, a white blouse and a black knit top. Their possibilities are endless.

Seven distinct outfits using 12 items:

  • Monday – Most likely a travel day, but you will need to be in the office before your flight, or meet with the customer once you arrive. The knits are more comfortable than a suit on the plane. Wear a blue knit sweater set and black pants.
  • Tuesday – Business day starts off well with a pair of tan suit pants worn with “Agile” white, red and black print blouse and black suit jacket.
  • Dinner – Take a break from the computer and freshen up for dinner. Pair your black suit skirt, with a wrap blouse in blue, white and black (named Random). Bring along a black pashmina if you typically get cold.
  • Wednesday – First presentation at the client. Look and feel confident in a white blouse, black pencil skirt, black suit jacket and a great necklace. If you will be talking a bunch with your hands, bracelets will be distracting and noisy.
  • Dinner – A wrap dress will feel comfortable and look fantastic after a day on your feet. Cream, Tan, purple and orange print wrap dress. Take your tan suit coat if you are typically chilly.
  • Thursday – More client presenting and negotiating, both call for tan suit pants, this detailed tan suit jacket with a black knit top underneath.
  • Friday – Partial work day and then traveling home. Looked pulled together and airport appropriate in black suit pants, a wrap blouse in blue, white and black (named random) and a long blue sweater.

*Note: Even if you are going for one week, take along the “dinner” options to give you a bit more variety and backups in case of spills. Don’t forget nice workout clothes if you plan to use the hotel gym and PJs.

Ten distinct outfits using 12 items:

If you need more than seven outfits, but still need to fit it all in a carry-on suitcase, use the two above dinner outfits as Monday and Tuesday and then add these combinations to get a second work week:

  • Monday – Pair your black suit skirt, with a wrap blouse in blue, white and black (named random).
  • Tuesday – Wear your tan suit coat over the cream, tan, purple and orange print wrap dress.
  • Wednesday - Black skirt, black suit jacket and “agile” white, red and black print blouse.
  • Thursday – Tan pants with blue knit sweater set
  • Friday – Black pants and white blouse rolled up, add some fun bracelets or a chunky necklace

Remember to pack jewelry, black sling back heels, tan heels, plus flats to give your feet a rest between meeting and for evenings. Use your carry-on bag for your cosmetics, non work related book to unwind with at night, your iPod and ear buds, plus a black pashmina to keep you warm on the plane and in during dinners. Always carry your valuables and medications on the plane with you. One last tip: I try to pack 3-4 days ahead of leaving. This gives me time to remember what I would have forgotten, time for a last minute load of laundry and time to squeeze lotions into the prerequisite Transportation Security Administration size containers!


Packing For a Long Weekend - Think Girls Trip!! (Packing Part 2)

Flair wants you to be spontaneous and ready to go if a girl’s weekend invitation arrives or your spouse has a business trip that you can tag onto. We understand the packing is a stressful endeavor, especially when it requires clothes for a season that you aren’t currently wearing. Somehow we have a tough time packing cottons and Lycra when we are bundled up in down and cashmere. Confidence comes when you put together outfits that are appealing and fit your shape.

To give you a jump start to RSVP’ing with a resounding “YES”, we built 8 outfits around two pairs of shorts, jersey dresses that pack without wrinkling, multi-functional tops that can work with denim and shorts. Plus wearing the same pair of evening shoes, so that you can maximize the number of outfit options.

  • Thursday travel day – Fig colored denim with tank top and raisin shrug for warmth
  • Thursday night – once you arrive, slip off the shrug and denim, slip on the brown kola shorts.
  • Friday – wear the black shorts (in this case, they are hidden under a zip off skort) with a long, dolman sleeve white top with racing stripe down the arm or purple and black knit tank top.
  • Friday evening – Borders print dress with nude colored strappy sandals.
  • Saturday – golden colored dune top and brown kola shorts worn with gold belt.
  • Saturday night – Zebra striped jersey dress with tassel belts, same strappy sandals as Friday night.
  • Sunday – wear this flowy print top in orange and fig with the black shorts.
  • Sunday travel night - Once it’s time to head home, replace the shorts with the fig denim. Put the raisin shrug in your carry-on bag for cool airplane temperatures.


Notice you are wearing the denim and each pair of shorts twice, but you have options in the tops. These 11 pieces of clothing create 8 outfits that let your attitude show!


You are all set to go once you throw in extra undies – think 2 per day in a cute monogrammed lingerie bag so they don’t get lost in the suitcase, two bathing suits, a beach novel, running shoes and flip flops, wine opener and lounge wear for post pool wear.


Hope you enjoy these spring tips to catch the sun and shore, Flair has you ready to roll!


15 Convention Tips to Make You look Fantastic and Ready to Learn (Packing Part 1)


I’m heading off to a convention this week. Like many of you, I am trying to pack as much into my rolling suitcase to avoid suitcase charges and to make sure everything arrives when I do. My struggle is always about the shoes and the extras - you know the work out gear, airplane reading material and travel size cosmetics.


Flair’s suggests always to dress to impress. A convention with colleagues taking CLE, CPE or CME classes, new prospects and friends is no different. Yes, we want to be comfortable, but your look needs to be pulled together and camera ready, thanks to all the social media posts that will occur. Consider packing a wrap dress that can fold easily, wrinkle free pants and printed knit tops - the print hides spills easier, a statement jacket that can be worn on the plane as well as one of the days (Click on Trend tab to see to find 5 ways to style a chic blazer). We always suggest throwing in a pashmina for chilly conference rooms and an extra white or black top, to allow one more outfit in a pinch.


As a slave to heels and recognizing how terribly uncomfortable cement convention floors can be, I decided to test wear a pair of Dr. Scholl’s fold up flats.  My first impressions are favorable. The day I wore them around downtown was rainy, the soles of my feet were cold, but the water didn't come through. They were very comfortable, similar to wearing a ballet flat. The faux leather was dull enough that didn't look too fake when looking down, but more noticeable upon closer inspection.  I did feel silly slipping them on at the coffee shop, but just smiled at the man watching. A tip for you, bring along a big tote for carrying your four-inch heels between meetings. Mine couldn't zip and it was raining. Fortunately, the fold up flats allowed me to walk faster and to avoid more raindrops and puddles. At $12 a pair, they are a great grab at any local drugstore when traveling or sightseeing. As for the shoes, squeeze in as many fabulous pairs that you can, and slip them on once you sit down.


Seven additional Items to Pack when attending conventions:

  • Protein bars to help stay away from carb-loaded buffet lines
  • Eye drops and …
  • Triple defense Eye cream – because not much sleep will be had
  • Sunglasses  - to encourage you to go get fresh air and natural light, allowing you to stay awake
  • Notebook, iPad – which ever system you use at home, keep up note taking during classes away
  • Positive Attitude – other convention goers can help you find a future job when the time is right, so network with them
  • Block time on your calendar post convention to implement what you’ve learned


Five Great Outfits with Peplum

Peplums have been flying below the radar on the fashion scene for a few seasons now, but they are becoming especially more common for fall.  Contrary to preconceived notions, the peplum creates an optical illusion no matter what body shape it’s on.  The trick to styling a peplum piece is balancing the fullness with more fitted, simple pieces.  Here are five fun ideas to try out!

Edgy Peplum Top

This black peplum top is everything.  It is very structured but simple enough to be able to style it with cool, edgy pieces.  Try it with a pair of skinny jeans with a metallic finish, which are also huge for fall.  Add tough accessories to finish the look.

Peplum & Polka Dots

This is a simple way to create a great, on-trend look for the office, a job interview, or the woman on the go.  All black pieces combined with a fashion forward peplum waist blazer in a small print are sophisticated and playful at the same time.

Cozy Peplum Sweater

Substituting a typical crew neck sweater or cardigan with a peplum waist sweater like this one, from Ted Baker London, is a fun way to test out the trend without feeling so rigid.  Pale colors have staying power this fall, so the blush pink with neutral flats and casual handbag allow for a cozy, put together look that is perfect for a crisp fall afternoon.

Ladylike Peplum Dress

Killing three trends with one outfit, this look features oxblood, an oversized clutch AND a dress with a peplum detail at the waist.  A subtle peplum waist combined with seams in all the right places makes for a dress that is extremely flattering on many body types.  Length your legs even more with nude suede ankle boots and oversized envelop clutch.  For extra Flair, try accessorizing the oxblood color with sky blue or forest green jewelry.


Chic Peplum Pencil Skirt

Look no further than a peplum waist pencil skirt for a chic outfit perfect for several occasions.  Tuck in a fitted blouse with a contrast collar for a cool, unexpected feel.  Simple, structured accessories suggest a polished, professional demeanor.


Five Great Outfits with Parisian Flair!

Paris, the birthplace of the fashion press and haute couture, is one of the fashion capitals of the world.  With so many sartorial household names—Hermes, Chanel, Dior—it is easy to see why.  It is no wonder that the whole world looks to Paris for style inspiration.  And since our style guru Kristie is lucky enough to walk the streets of Paris this week, what better time to emulate Parisian street style?  Here are the five ways I would do it, using pieces from some of the top French designers, of course!

Parlez-vous chic?

Pair a polka dot dress with a longer jacket for a look that will never go out of style.  Be sure that the dress and jacket have hemlines that are tailored to the same length for a sleek, clean line that is very chic.  For some French Flair, add a structured handbag like this Birken with some classy Mary Jane heels and a fun Hermes scarf.


Femme Fatale

Want a killer Parisian get-up?  Look no further than Pierre Balmain.  A tough leather vest over a sheer, graphic-print tank and black denim is so edgy and effortlessly cool.  There is enough going on with the apparel, so avoid busy accessories and bright nail polish.  Sharp heels add a touch of femininity while rounding out the look.


A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

These pieces come together for an outfit that is trendy and classic at the same time.  A silk peplum blouse over a lace pencil skirt creates a beautiful, feminine shape.  For mile-long legs, step into patent pumps in a shade similar to your skin tone.  Pearls and a floral clutch give the look a classic, polished finish.


French Twist

Kristie’s favorite look puts a little twist on the typical Breton stripes with vertical stripes on the top for a more slimming silhouette when tucked into an A-line skirt.  Breton stripes came into being as the uniform for French navy seamen and came into fashion with the help of Coco Chanel. Naturally, the look is accessorized with fabulous Louboutin peep toe pumps and a Louis Vuitton handbag.

Au Oui Bit of Sparkle

Deidra’s favorite outfit is this girly and whimsical one, which features a great balance of structure and softness with the Malene Birger blazer and sequined maxi skirt.  Since Parisian women tend to be dressier than American women, this would be another great look for an afternoon sightseeing or having lunch at a café.  With a pair of Lanvin flats and a Chanel shoulder bag, you can do no wrong.

Five Great Outfits with Tangerine!

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2012 is “Tangerine Tango.”  It is a reddish orange hue that is sure to add a burst of energy to your spring and summer wardrobe.  Wear anything in tangerine and magically feel more recharged and joyous.  If this isn’t your perfect color, any orange shade or tint will suffice.  No matter how much or how little of this trend you want to try, there is an outfit here for you.  Enjoy!

Sunny Side Up

What better way to wear a fun color than tucked into an even more fun pair of shorts or skirt?  Add a brightly colored pair of wedges, a convenient wristlet, and a straw fedora and you are put together in no time.


Block Party

For an adventurous way to style tangerine, try color blocking with a blouse in a complementary color like turquoise or an adjacent color on the color wheel, like marigold or hot pink.  Strap on neutral sandals or a pair that incorporates both of the main colors in your outfit.  Choose neutral accessories that do not compete with the outfit.

Pretty in Peplum

Tangerine is a great way to update a classic silhouette.  Work two trends in one with a peplum waist dress, which is surprisingly figure flattering, in a tangerine hue.  Stay simple with nude accessories and a fresh, feminine bracelet.

Tangerine Zest

An easy way to add tangerine into your wardrobe is through accessories.  Make neutral wardrobe staples pop with a pretty scarf, a bold belt, fabulous flats, or a multi-colored tote.  Add as few or as many pieces as you like for a look perfect for a sunny afternoon or relaxing backyard get-together.

A Hint of Citrus

This outfit is a great way for tangerine to make the transition from day to night and is Deidra's personal favorite of the five.  A dark wash pair of boyfriend or skinny jeans can be rolled at the ankles to show off chic patent heels.   Opt for a nude satchel during the day and a nude clutch at night.  A bib necklace is the perfect finishing touch.



Five Great Outfits with Floral Pants

While I, personally, am a little apprehensive of floral pants, I do love how fresh and fun the spring trend is.  It is definitely a tough, but not impossible, trend to pull off.  If you have a curvy or short frame like me, find a pair with a smaller floral print as to not overwhelm your bottom half.  Another styling suggestion is to wear a slim cut that is tapered at the ankle as opposed to wide-legged pants.  Hands down this was the most difficult piece I’ve had to style multiple different ways, but here are the five ways I would wear them.  I’d love to hear your feedback! Deidra


Confectionery Colors

Channeling Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2012 ad campaign, this look showcases all of spring’s pretty pastels in delicate shapes.  The key to nailing the pastel trend without looking like an Easter egg is utilizing them in classic, foolproof silhouettes - like peep-toe Mary Jane sandals and a simple shoulder bag.  A slouchy sweater adds balance to the tailored trousers and pulls out blush tone in the floral pattern.  For added flair, wear a unique bib necklace like the one shown above.


Flower Shop

Floral pants worn with casual basics can easily be worn for an afternoon of shopping or errand running.  A simple white top, brown leather bag and comfortable oxford flats add a bit of masculinity to balance out the ultra-feminine pants and rose gold details.  I would also roll up the bottom of the pants just a little.  This is Deidra's favorite of the five outfits and definitely how I would wear these pants.


Pretty Prints

I am a big fan of print mixing, but mixing floral pants with a patterned top is extra challenging.  To do it successfully, choose a small print in coordinating neutral tones so they do not compete with the statement print on the bottom.  Kristie says this is her favorite look, especially the tiny black and white polka dots. Breton stripes would also be a sophisticated option for these pants.  To avoid looking too busy, choose simple, solid accessories, like this fantastic handbag and stud diamond earrings.


Flower Power

Very opposite from the previous look, here is a way to add some edge to the dainty bottoms.  Balance the organic pattern on the pants with geometric patterns in your accessories, like a structured handbag, pointed-toe pumps and a sharp necklace.  Clear colors like the saturated blue and the solid patent black also toughen up the floral print.  A black top with a peplum waist detail creates the perfect amount of trendy edge and is surprisingly flattering on most body shapes.


Floral Focus

This is a classic, minimalist way to execute the floral pants trend that anyone can pull off.   Wear a crisp, white button-down blouse either kept out or tucked into floral trousers and layer with a gold statement necklace under the collar.  Roll up the sleeves for a laid-back vibe.  Nude accessories like the oversized clutch and modest patent pumps are super stylish but keep the focus on your statement slacks.


Five Great Outfits with Lace Up Boots

I love lace up boots.  Their 90’s grunge look reminds me of some of my favorite music and movies (Clueless, anyone?), and gives off such a laid-back vibe.  Since I haven’t done an article on shoes yet, I thought this challenging style would be a good jumping off point.  Without further ado, here are five ways I would style Steve Madden’s “Troopa” boots!  Enjoy, Deidra


You Are My Sunshine

Pair boots with a breezy frock in a small floral print to balance out the respective masculine and feminine qualities of each piece.  The dress can be worn alone, or for those cooler days, with a cardigan or blazer.  Instead of using a neutral topper to finish the look, choose one in a highly saturated hue that brings out one of the colors in the dress’s print.



Wild Child

Above is a look that works for an afternoon at the park or a casual outdoor dinner get-together.  The army green and olive tones play off of the ruggedness of the boots and slouchy shoulder bag.  Soften up the rest of the ensemble with a scarf in an unexpected giraffe print.


Bird is the Word

White denim can be difficult to pull off, but the boots and sheer bird-print tunic make it look effortless.  The high contrast between the teal top and white denim make the birds’ silhouette pop, taking attention off the brightness of the jeans.  A white scarf or hat will also work to balance your top and bottom.  It doesn’t get easier than the flat boots and a small cross-body bag to hold your essentials.


Out Cold

Transition your wardrobe from winter to spring in this cozy outfit.  Wear leggings or denim with a simple camisole and layer with a mid-weight sweater that belts at the waist to create shape.  Expose oatmeal colored wool socks from the top of your boots for added warmth and style.  Choose your everyday bag or a bold handbag for a pop of color.


Freshly Picked

This outfit is perfect for Cincinnati’s whirlwind spring weather.  For a look as fresh as the blossoming trees and cloudless skies, opt for trendy pastel pieces that coordinate with a pair of printed floral jeans.  The periwinkle anorak plays off of the predominantly blue denim so the colors aren’t too overpowering, and protects from the wiping winds.  The lace-up boots are the perfect way to toughen up the look.

                               . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

                               Five Great Outfits with a Chambray Shirt

After showing up in a chambray shirt ensemble to check out Kristie’s Etcetera clothing line on an abnormally mild January morning, we were inspired to share Five Great Ways to wear it.  Chambray shirts can be one of one of the most wearable garments in your wardrobe.  The main difference between a denim shirt and a chambray shirt is the weave.  Denim shirts are a twill weave and chambray shirts are a plain weave, with a colored vertical thread and a white horizontal thread, which gives the fabric a softer hand and lighter shade.  These styling suggestions are great ways to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring.


All That Glitters

The city-meets-country feel of a chambray shirt tucked into a sequin skirt is one of my favorite style juxtapositions.  Accessorize with a pair of distressed lace up boots and a rustic cross-body bag.  Let cozy wool socks peep out of the top of the boots to dress down the skirt.  Roll shirt sleeves just enough to let your favorite watch show. Side note from Kristie – this is the look that really got us thinking. Deidra was trying on the sequin skirt, but kept her own top on. It looked fantastic! For those who haven’t met Deidra yet, she is a pretty 20 year old with a great head on her shoulders and amazing work ethic! I say this because of course the look works on her, what about you? Let us know on Flair’s FB page if you would try it.

Tangerine Dream

This look tackles two trends in one if you are brave enough to give it a go.  Saturated color denim is Huge this spring, and what better color to rock than Pantone’s Color of the Year, tangerine?  Keeping the handbag and shoes neutral avoids a look that is too busy, but a complimentary turquoise cuff adds a touch of dimension to the outfit.


Back to Basics

This classic outfit is perfect for the mild winter days or cool spring nights.  Simply throw on your boyfriend fit jeans and chambray shirt, pull on your pointed-toe black pumps (pencil heels are another big look for spring), and layer with a chic tan trench.  Add the timeless quilted black clutch and your favorite black sunglasses for an ensemble that will make you look as stylish as the day is long.



Grunge Glam

I love sweaters with a high-low hem, yet have never been able to imagine a way I could wear them.  That is, until Kristie’s Flair Facebook page challenged me to come up with garment combinations I’ve never thought of, and this was basically the result!  I layered a chunky knit sweater over my chambray shirt and rolled up the sleeves a bit.  To create some edge, wear black skinny jeans or leggings with black ankle boots.  A studded or fringed leather bag would be a perfect ornament to this look.



Fancy Nancy

This styling suggestion is completely inspired by my 6 year old sister and Kristie’s 6 year old daughter, who love the Fancy Nancy book series.  The chambray shirt tucks into the ever-so-flattering nude lace pencil skirt.  The combination of the skirt and nude pumps generate such sleek, vertical lines for a slimming effect.  Girly details like classic pearl studs and a fun feather clutch in a similar color palette keep the look playful yet sophisticated.

                                                                 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

                               Five Great Outfits with a Black Turtleneck

A good quality turtleneck will go the distance in your wardrobe.  We are showing a shirt by Splendid, it's a typical knit blended with modal, which is a synthetic fiber similar to rayon that makes this top super soft and helps reduce shrinkage when washed. 

                                   Prep School

Here is a look that is perfect when you want to blend trendy and classic style.  The turtleneck, structured black bag and opaque tights are all closet staples that you probably already own.  Update these pieces with fall’s high heel loafers in patent black to lengthen legs and a sleek plaid pencil skirt in your favorite color scheme.

                                Rugged Outfitting


This outfit combines earthy tones and cozy textures for an unexpected way to style your basic black turtleneck.  Terra cotta flared corduroy pants are complemented by a classic Longchamp tote in rich teal. Suede wedge desert boots add height comfortably.  Layering with the faux fur vest completes the look by bringing brown and black elements together in one piece.

                                All Black Everything

Here is a look that is the epitome of what a black turtleneck should be: simple, sleek, classic and sophisticated.  Perfect for daytime or casual night out, all this look requires is a pair of crisp dark denim and small cross body bag.  The Top Shop “Chicago” boots are a fall must-have that will surely carry over for years to come.  For those colder days, heat up the ensemble with a statement coat.

                                Seeing Red

A look that is permissible in and out of the boardroom, the pencil skirt in fall’s hottest color adds a pop of excitement to an otherwise basic outfit.  Tuck the turtleneck into the high-waisted skirt; add opaque tights, black heels and a modern clutch and you’re ready to go in this polished look.  For a touch of sparkle, slip a cocktail ring on your finger and finish with red lipstick or gloss.

                                    Black & Tan

Using your black turtleneck and denim as a base, add tan pieces to put together an outfit that is chic and comfortable.  The striped poncho found at H&M is effortlessly cool, and its lines and V-neck create a slimming effect as an added bonus.  Knee-high boots like these are so versatile and the satchel that can be worn as a handbag or cross-body pulls the entire look together.

                                                                                                  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

                                              Five Great Outfits with a T- Shirt

                                                          Men (women below)


Hard working and over-achieving Deidra graciously observed and researched adding Flair to your best guy’s wardrobe. Not wanting to leave out the girls, she created a Double Feature - Five Great Outfits with a T-shirt, for men and women.  Enjoy and make sure to forward to the favorite guys and girls in your life.


                                     Dapper Dude


Well-fitting jeans and a white T-shirt are one of the best looks on men, but a sharp blazer with oxfords or loafers take the look from zero to sexy in less than five minutes. he gray blazer, brown shoes and black watch do not clash; they make getting ready quicker while still allowing for a styled outfit.

                                    Effortlessly Cool


Again starting with jeans and a white T-shirt, all it takes is a clean pair of boots and a heavy knit sweater to take the outfit up a notch.  Gray suede desert boots are a trendy option for fall and winter.  The zip front sweater is one of the most flattering styles on men and adds a pulled together look compared to a sweatshirt or a hoodie.

                                       All Star Look


This simple men’s workout look can be worn post-workout or to run errands.  Add one of fall’s hottest colors on any of the pieces makes the outfit look current without being too over-the-top.

                                           Cozy Casual

This is a great look for a casual night in with friends or a football Sunday afternoon.  Throw a soft crew neck sweater over a T-shirt for a warm, cozy look that is not sloppy. Consider an autumn or icy winter shade for the sweater to add some dimension. These leather Uggs slippers have hard soles but are lined for the ultimate cozy feel.

                                       Prep School



                                          Five Great Outfits with a T- Shirt


Every woman needs a basic, white V-neck tee in her closet.  These shirts can be worn all year long and can be easily styled up or down.  Deidra and Kristie both agree that a V-neck version is preferred over a crew or boat neck because it shows off your clavicle, which flatters and makes every Body type appear thinner. 


                                                   Blazers are Red, Handbags are Nude…


For grabbing drinks with friends or a night out, tuck the T-shirt into a pair of wool shorts or a chiffon skirt and throw on a blazer for an effortlessly chic look that takes your tee to the next level.  Red is one of fall’s hottest color, you can try this one from J.Crew.  Add nude accessories so the blazer keeps its bold statement. 

 Brighten Up Your Basics


Great for running errands or going to a fall festival, this look is all about brightening up your simple jeans or corduroys and T-shirt.  Simply add Brogue’s and a handbag in mismatched fall hues and tie them together with a lightweight floral scarf. The trick to color blocking is to stick with two colors, maybe three if you’re feeling extra bold

Shape Up in Style


Who says you can’t add a little Flair when you work out?  Throw away your baggy T- shirts from five years ago and replace them with cute, well-fitted ones.  Before and after you hit the trail, the court, or the yoga mat, toss your gym shoes in your duffle bag and slip on some fashionable footwear.  Add a scarf and sleek ponytail to get some energy back into your look

Bohemian Rhapsody


This ultra-trendy way to wear your crisp white tee was inspired by Jil Sander's spring ready to wear collection.  A cognac-colored sandal, handbag and belt make the outfit instantly chic and put together.  For a bohemian vibe, add a wrist full of bangles, a cool cocktail ring and a messy side braid.

Taupe-ally Stylish


This outfit is an example of how to transition your summer look into fall.  Add taupe elements via super cool desert boots and a small cross body bag to enhance your T-shirt and jeans combination.  Layer with a dusty rose or sage green sleeveless cardigan for a hint of color.  A silver watch is a classic complement to the stylish ensemble.

                                                                                                   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Five Great Outfits with a Blazer

Since they can be worn any season, for almost any occasion, a black blazer is a great investment piece for your wardrobe.  Read on for five styling suggestions, including color combinations that are generally fashion “don’ts.”

If you love the three quarter sleeve blazer shown here, you can find it online at Top Shop for $130.

The three US stores are in Las Vegas, Chicago and Manhattan.

See Spots Work



Here is a classic and polished look for fall that can go from the office to happy hour. Tuck a sheer chiffon blouse into black trousers and layer with a matching black blazer. Black heels elongate the leg and create a vertical line from head to toe, making you appear taller and leaner





Above is Deidra’s favorite way to wear a blazer.  The juxtaposition of a feminine maxi skirt with a masculine blazer creates a chic outfit that is also very versatile. Paired with a simple top in any of the skirt’s colors, a statement necklace, plus understated shoes and clutch, this outfit becomes very urban and sophisticated.

Modern Vintage


This season, let navy be another neutral in your wardrobe.  Navy and black can be worn together if executed the right way.  The dress, booties and handbag accessorized with vintage jewelry is a look all its own, but wearing the black blazer gives it a modern edge.

Polished with a Pencil Skirt



Need a way to give yourself a boost on those cool fall mornings?  Throw on a bright blouse in one of fall’s hottest colors – emberglow. Add a classic pencil skirt and blazer to feel instantly energized.  This outfit successfully marries two colors that are generally regarded as a fashion don’t.  The two-toned flats add a third color and another area of interest to the look.

Black + Brown = Chic


Brown and black are two shades that also can successfully be worn in the same outfit.  The elements that tie the look together are the equestrian boots with black and brown detailing and the tortoise watch.  You will see Kristie in this outfit running kids to activities or for a casual meeting, most likely with the brown clutch tucked into an oversized brown purse/tote.

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Five Great Outfits with Dark Denim

Owning a great fitting pair of jeans is imperative for a strong wardrobe. The right jeans will make you look taller and leaner. Try some of this fall’s cuts with higher waists. You have lots of pant leg options as well: skinny, straight, boot-cuts and bell bottoms.

Blue Jean Baby

Robert Rodriguez Stretch Denim Trousers, $195.90, Nordstrom

One of Deidra’s favorite summer-into-fall looks is tucking a light colored chambray shirt into dark colored jeans.  Add a belt, cognac platform booties and a small cross body bag to keep the look sophisticated rather than country. 

Lazy Day

Your best denim doesn’t always need to be saved for special occasions, especially if it’s comfortable.  For a minimalist look perfect for those crisp fall Sundays, throw on a soft knit shirt like this one from Anthropologie and slip on cute flats.  If you’re going somewhere to watch a football game or just need to hit the grocery store, add a colored bag to make the look fresh not frumpy.

Precious Metals


Dark denim is perfect for nights out. Above is one of Kristie’s favorite looks.  For a quick and easy outfit that will make you look like a million bucks, pair black (or silver or blue) heels with a metallic sequin tank (this one is from Michael Kors).  On the nights when the temperature drops, layer with a tailored black blazer.  Adorn wrists with several silver bangles and a watch for the perfect amount of glam.

Color Blocking



If you were a fan of the color blocking trend this summer, you don’t have to give it up just yet.  Swap coral and turquoise hues for popular fall tones like mustard yellow and magenta. Pair a silk blouse with your dark denim and carry a small clutch of a coordinating color to achieve the look.  Add open toe platforms and a nature-inspired necklace to give the outfit a 70’s chic touch.

Wild Thing           


Another fall favorite, animal print is a great way to dress up your dark denim.  Hit two fall trends in one with Banana Republic’s Mad Men collection’s animal print cardigan layered over a basic brown or tan camisole.  Accessorize with a long tooth necklace, a tribal embellished clutch and stunning suede pumps for a neutral but wild look.

                                                                                                          . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   

Ikat Designs

Pronounced “ee-kaht”, this ancient Uzbek design method is an easy way to transition from summer to fall.  Quickly recognized for its’ “feathered lines” in deep rich colors. Beautiful and ageless, ikat patterns are great on clothes, upholstery fabric for sofas, drapes, accent pillows and/or curtains.

It is one of the oldest forms of textile decoration. Found in many cultures, ikat is a centuries-old dyeing and weaving technique. It is similar to tie-dying in that the chosen patterns are created by binding areas that will resist the dye. The defining characteristic of ikat is the dyeing of patterns into the threads takes place before the weaving of the fabric. It is the alteration of the bindings and the dyeing of more than one color that produces elaborate, multicolored patterns.

Ikat Oversized Bolster Pillow Cover & Euro Sham


  (pictures bottom from left: Pottery Barn, Alice & Olive, Milly. Shoe is from Aldo)                                     

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Five Great Outfits with a Little Black Dress

Like a great fitting pair of jeans, a well tailored Little Black Dress (LBD) is worth the investment.  They can be worn all year round, day or night, for many occasions.  Read on for five styling suggestions to get the most out of your favorite flattering frock.

                                                            Black and White and Stylish All Over



Perhaps the most timeless color combination is pure black and white.  Together, they are chic and polished with minimal effort.  Layer a black and white cardigan over your little black dress and cinch the waist with a skinny black belt.  Pair with simple accessories and classic black mid-heels for a professional look.


                                                                        Color Me Happy Hour


Just because your work day is over, doesn’t mean your little black dress has to stop working, too! Swap your cardigan and office-approved accessories for bold baubles and color blocked pumps to make your dress easily go from day to night.


                                                                         Champagne with my LBD



For a special occasion, you can’t go wrong accessorizing a little black dress with champagne hues.  For a ceremony that requires covered arms, layer with a beige blazer that can easily be taken off during the reception.  The drop dead gorgeous pumps (with a little extra flair on the heels) will make legs look a mile long.


                                                                              Summer Chic



A little black dress in a more casual fabric can easily be worn during the day.  Chic accessories in bright colors add a bohemian touch to a classic silhouette.  To easily achieve the look, choose a light weight scarf that contains black in the print. Then, add accessories that bring out the additional scarf colors.


                                                                               Simply Glam



Many times the simplest look is also the sexiest.  Let your well-fitted little black dress be the main focus as to show off your shape.  Another closet essential, the sky high black heel, will make your legs look amazing.  Accessorize with a sleek black clutch, a simple ring, and vintage chandelier earrings to draw the eyes to your beautiful face!

                                                                    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Chevron Stripes

Chevron stripes have been slowly hitting the streets since this spring.  A great alternative to the nautical Breton stripes that Coco Chanel first made fashionable, chevron stripes are being printed on everything from beach towels to couches to apparel.  These stripes are universally flattering because diagonal lines hide both extra height and width and keep the eye moving so that flaws do not become focal points.  Update your summer look with a chevron stripe printed top, skirt, or dress.  Not sure about this bold pattern?  Simply sport a V-neck top as this neckline is the most universally flattering.



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Did you know Flair has an intern? Please say hello to Deidra Thomas, Fashion and Retail student at Ohio State.

"For my first "Make Them Stare -Five Great Outfits to Wear", I wanted to use a very basic garment that most women already have in their closets.  Oxford shirts are often overlooked for everyday dressing because they may appear too stiff or professional.  Read on to see examples of how you can build five very different outfits from this wardrobe staple. I look forward to your reactions on Flair's FB page." Deidra

Five Great Outfits with a White Blouse

Pretty Pastels


Tuck a basic oxford shirt into paper bag shorts and roll the sleeves up for a casual, cool look.  Pair with nude pumps to lengthen the legs.  A neutral leather clutch, with trendy tassel details, complements the outfit without being too matchy.  Complete the look with chic rose gold jewelry for a look that is casual enough for everyday but dressy enough for date night.


Maxxed Out


Tuck your white button down shirt into a breezy, pleated maxi skirt and accessorize with open toe clogs, a skinny belt and a bright handbag for a relaxed, put-together look.  This is a great outfit for girls’ night.


                                                                                  Working Girl


A white button down shirt goes perfectly with gray trousers and a structured leather briefcase for a simple work outfit.  To show off your style without being too bold in the office, add a sophisticated necklace or layer silver and gold chain necklaces together.  Wear with leopard print loafers for a trendy and office approved look.


                                                                          Summertime Blues


Nothing says classic American like a great pair of jeans and a crisp white shirt.  The striped blazer adds a touch of color and the straw accessories are perfect for summer months.  Classic espadrilles or tennis shoes make a great outfit for summer barbecues or festivals.


Neutral Territory


The perfect outfit for traveling or a day of shopping with your girlfriends.  Throw your white button down shirt over a sundress and go, or cinch your waist with a belt.  Complete the outfit with a small cross body bag and comfortable sandals.


Keep in mind that you do not need to follow these styles verbatim.  Work with what's already in your closet!  If you need help putting similar outfits together, give Flair a call.

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Nautical Top and White Jeans 


One spring trend that seems to reappear year after year is nautical stripes. I think it’s because the fresh, stark white paired with navy or with red is so refreshing to our eyes after a winter of blacks and grays. I love how a third stroke of color (Kelly green or yellow with navy/white or black or khaki with red/white) can add such dimension to the outfit.


This top is a take-off of the typical horizontal stripe. The bold black band cinches the waist (make sure to read Flair’s article at on July 25th for more waist slimming ideas) and the cowl neck adds interest to the neckline.


Top Nordstrom Rack $35, White jeans Citizens of Humanity $154.